Hauni´s Seasonreview 2011

Time is running by very quickly and the next season has already started. I had a pretty good and fun winter last year. I was shredding some lines in Alaska and i had the biggest powder ever in Japan. I still love to ride in Austria. It is always something special and there are still so many untouched spots to explore. Being part of the Freerideworldtour is very important to me and I like to compete with the best freeriders of the world. I started very rough into the worldtour with a crash and after that I had a very bad pneumonia. In Sochi I tried to give my best, but i fell and broke a rib. The worldtourstop in Fieberbrunn is very special to me and I just needed to compete there. The Wildseeloder is my home playground. It was the last competition before the finals in Verbier and I just had to give my best. So I swallowed some painkillers and I did a pretty solid run under this conditions. I became 3rd and was very happy with the result. All in all it was a good season for me and I´m looking forward to the upcoming one to push it harder.

I wish you all a good start into 2012! Stay save, have fun and enjoy life! If you like my Seasonreview 2011, please like and share it!

cheerio hauni

Seasonreview 2011 from Matthias Haunholder on Vimeo.

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