Let´s Ski Cross – Red Bull Hüttenrallye

No powder yet… So I decided, to join the Austrian Ski Cross Team for training. I´m going to compet at the Red Bull Hüttenrallye and need some turns with GS Skis. It´s a long time ago that I was skiing on such thin Skis. At the end it worked out pretty well. I got some great advices from the Coaches Markus Wittner and Gerry Posch, how to do the start and be fast between the gates. It was a great time to ski against the best Ski Cross Skiers on this planet like, Andy Matt, Thomas Zangerl, Patrick Koller and many moor. We had great fun skiing on such good conditions. I´ll return with this guys once in the winter with fat skis on a nice powderday at Fieberbrunn.

Thx guys! cheerio hauni

check out the little clip:

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