The austrian Freeride skiers and adventurers Matthias Haunholder and Matthias Mayr, both with several first descents all around the globe under their belt, now embark on a mission to ski some of the steepest walls in their home mountains, the alps. Years before both were even born, those walls were ridden by dauntless young mountaineers.Now, […]

A whole year of planning, scouting and guesswork Freeskiers and adventurers Matthias „Hauni“ Haunholder and Matthias Mayr invested into their personal mission impossible. To reach the Chersky Mountain Range and ski the highest Peak of Eastern Siberia “Gora Pobeda”. When Hauni and Matthias for the first time saw the Chersky Range from high above, when […]

Watch the full Movie on Amazon and iTunes                                          OR Watch the full Movie and meet the Athletes here: 14.10.2015 19.30 Salzburg/Oval/Europark ✓ 22.10.2015 Ride Night Stuttgart ✓ 23.10.2015 Ride Night Biberach ✓ 25.10.2015 Messe Wien ✓ 29.10.2015 Kufstein FH ✓ 30.10.2015 […]

  Details and Movie Tour Dates Everyone has it. A pocket list full with things that he or she wants to do or achieve once in a lifetime. The athletes of „THE LIST“ definitely have achieved things in their lifes that others can´t do more than dream of, but still, those guys have their undone […]

Am 11. Oktober ist es wieder soweit. M-Line präsentiert seinen neuen Film “Far Away” im Oval im Europark. Tickets hier erhältlich: Mit dabei sind dieses Mal  neben Hauni und Matthias, Pia Widmesser, Christian Reichenberger, Flo Orley und Chris Fuschlberger. Gedreht wurde wie schon beim Vorjahresfilm fast ausschließlich in Österreich. Der Titel bezieht sich also nicht […]

Here is a quick update of the last two comps. It all started in Revelstoke/British Columbia this year. I really like Revelstoke and the atmosphere there is just how you expect Canada.                         We had a quite long waiting period, because of bad weather […]

In Episode 4 von Freeride Deluxe dreht sich alles um die Freeride Worldtour. Fieberbrunn ist der einzige Tourstop Österreichs und eines der Highlights auf der Tour. Der Erfolg des Events liegt wohl bei den Fieberbrunnern die als ganzes Dorf hinter der Veranstaltung und auch dem Freeride Sport stehen.

  “Another day in Paradise” Produktion: M-Line (Matthias Haunholder, Matthias Mayr) Athleten: Matthias Haunholder, Matthias Mayr, Sandra Lahnsteiner, Pia Widmesser, Sebastian Fischer, Tom Leitner, Phil Meier, Flo Orley, Christian Reichenberger Kamera: Mathias Bergmann, Mathias Leinich, Mario Feil, Felix Foidl, Max Foid, Bernhard Freinademetz, Olli Grau, Peter Kerschhackel, Birgar Olsen, Sepp Schmölzl, Korbinian Seifert, Simon Thusbass, Chris Zarfl, Matthias Zimmermann Schnitt/Idee/Drehbuch: Matthias Mayr Fine Tuning, Color Correction: PK Media Gast: […]

Time is running by very quickly and the next season has already started. I had a pretty good and fun winter last year. I was shredding some lines in Alaska and i had the biggest powder ever in Japan. I still love to ride in Austria. It is always something special and there are still […]

Pro(Snow)Hunters on Tour

We are really lucky at the northern Alps. In Fieberbrunn we already have around 1,5 m snow! Chris our Master-Hunter produced a nice clip. Have fun watching it: cheerio hauni