Official Trailer “The List”


Details and Movie Tour Dates

Everyone has it. A pocket list full with things that he or she wants to do or achieve once in a lifetime.
The athletes of „THE LIST“ definitely have achieved things in their lifes that others can´t do more than dream of, but still, those guys have their undone things on their individual lists too. The range is going from strange to really challenging. At least always entertaining.

„THE LIST“ is a project planned to run for several years. After year one the first full length movie is gonna be released from October 2014 on. This first part takes the audience to the backyard of the riders. Being in Alaska doesn´t mean that one already has ridden the steepest lines at home. Some projects they are trying to realize for many years now, but circumstances never gave them a chance to achieve it. And, you will see that just making a movie about it, doesn´t mean, that everything works the way it should.

The Full Movie will be on Tour from October 1st 2014 on. Here are the currently fixed dates and locations.

1.10.2014 Balingen (Germany)
2.10.2014 Weinheim (Germany)
3.10.2014 Remchingen(Germany)
6.10.2014 IF 3 Innsbruck
6.10.2014 Düsseldorf (Germany)
8.10.2014 Biberach (Germany)
8.10.2014 Horsky Film Festival Poprad (Slovakia)
9.10.2014 Straubing (Germany)
10.10.2014 Saarbrücken (Germany)
11.10.2014 Salzburg (Europark)
Nov. 2014 Torello Filmfestival (Spain)
07.11.2014 Linz
15.11.2014 Dresden Bergsichten Filmfestival
16.11.2014 Innsbruck
Torello Mountainfilmfestival
21.11.2014 Wien
21.11.2014 Ohlsdorf
22.11.2014 Krems an der Donau (Audi Max Campus Krems)
23.11.2014 Berchtesgaden (Germany)
26.11.2014 Bergfilmfestival Salzburg
23.01.2014 Hochkar
03.12.2014 Kufstein Freeride Filmfestival
20.12.2014 Fieberbrunn
Jan. 2015 Kitzbühel Freeride Weeks

“FAR AWAY” – Premiere in Salzburg 11.10.2013 – Tourdates

Am 11. Oktober ist es wieder soweit. M-Line präsentiert seinen neuen Film “Far Away” im Oval im Europark.
Tickets hier erhältlich:

Mit dabei sind dieses Mal  neben Hauni und Matthias, Pia Widmesser, Christian Reichenberger, Flo Orley und Chris Fuschlberger.

Gedreht wurde wie schon beim Vorjahresfilm fast ausschließlich in Österreich. Der Titel bezieht sich also nicht auf die geographische Entfernung, sondern behandelt die zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen. Neben den AthletInnen waren auch deren Familien in die Produktion involviert. Neben Action gibt es dieses Mal zahlreiche neue Erkenntnisse zu erfahren.

Trailer “Far Away” from M-Line Freeski TV on Vimeo.

Die Tourstopps (vorläufig)
04.10.2013 Preview at ESFN Judenburg
11.10.2013 Salzburg, OVAL – Europark
31.10.2013 Sport65 RIde Night im Modernen Theater Weinheim/Germany
01.11.2013 Sport65 Ride Night Kulturhalle Remchingen
06.11.2013 Rosenheim Peak Performance Store 19Uhr
13.11.2013 Innsbruck Metropol
14.11.2013 St. Pölten 
14.11.2013 Wien WUK
15.11.2013 Krakau/Polan
16.11.2013 Warsaw/Poland
16.11.2013 Krems an der Donau
16.11.2013 Dresden Bergfilmfestival
17.11.2013 Hamburg
21.11.2013 Gmunden
24.11.2013 Berchtesgaden



Here is a quick update of the last two comps.

It all started in Revelstoke/British Columbia this year. I really like Revelstoke and the atmosphere there is just how you expect Canada.













We had a quite long waiting period, because of bad weather and visibility. So the contest got postponed. Although it was nice, so we went out for skiing everyday and we had lots of fun doing some very nice treeruns with my austrian friends.














The conditions at the compday were very good and i had a comfortable feeling when i was getting into my run. I picked a very nice line and i did very well at my first two cliffs. I sticked them, but after two turns I got caught by a track and I crashed. I couldn´t hold on to my run and i missed the last cliff I wanted to jump. Although it was a very nice competition and I just enjoyed riding.

In between Revelstoke and Courmayeur I made a quick stop back home. Packed up my stuff again, tuned my skies and got ready for Italy.

Courmayeur is actually one of my favourite places in the alps. I love the Italian flair in the town and it is lovely to walk in those little cheese and butcher stores and get some nice and good food.

Courmayeur is the sunny side of the „Monte Bianco“. I was really looking forward to the  race and I like the face very much. I picked an agressive line. The level of the riders is very high and you have to perform the best you can. It is a very small edge between winning and taking to much risk. I decided to go all in. I want to show my best at the competitions and I don´t like to go for a save line. Save lines are not winning. : )



















I had a high number and the top part wasn´t nice to ski. It was quite sharky and so I crashed again. Even if I crashed I enjoyed the time in Courmayeur and the next competition will be this Saturday, 26th of January in Chamonix.









As we arrived in Chamonix the weather was nice and so I decided to go up the Aguille du midi and to ride the Valle Blanche with my girl. The scenerie is absolutely stunning. I really enjoyed it and realized how tiny we are compared to this huge and massive mountains.





































I had a really good day up in the mountains, but now it is time to get serious again. Face check and picking the right line. I will go, as you would say playing poker „All In!“ I will start with bibnumer 1! You can watch the competition online over starting at 9:00 am.




New Comp, new face, new chance, new line, new possiblities, new time to proof myself. Looking forward to it!!!

Cheerio hauni